Restarting translations–why now?

Visitors to this site, I apologize for neglecting this project, not adding translations, not even blogging. It’s time to re-commit as I believe tracing early signals of antisemitism is unfortunately once again relevant as some Americans and Europeans are rekindling it. Attacks on Jews are increasing and antisemitic speech appears in public forums.

Let me continue the story of the remarkable community of Reform Jews as it comes to grips with the changes between 1920 and 1934 while sustaining its intellectual, social, and religious identity.

To speed our discovery of remarkable milestones and intriguing glimpses into the experience of this Jewish community, I will selectively translate articles that disclose current events and provide insight into how people responded to them. So that you can see each issue as whole and the context for the articles I choose, I will translate the titles of all articles and link to the relevant page.

Thank you to the visitors to this web site. And double thanks if you spend time learning some of the history and reading the personal stories posted here.

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