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Jewish Liberal Newspaper, May 27, 1921

p. 1 National German Jews and the Middle Ranks. by Dr. Max Naumann (Berlin) [Translation] In Issue 14, March 4 of this publication in the article “On the National German Jews”, the lawyer Erich Spitz opposed Dr. Naumann‘s writing and … Continue reading

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Jewish Liberal Newspaper, May 20, 1921

p.1 Anti-Semitism and the Bible. by Dr. Ed. König, Professor of Protestant Theology at the University of Bonn. Open Your Eyes! by Fritz Stoll (Breslau) Synopsis: Stoll analyzes the discussion on Palestine and Zionism that took place during the April … Continue reading

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Restarting translations–why now?

Visitors to this site, I apologize for neglecting this project, not adding translations, not even blogging. It’s time to re-commit as I believe tracing early signals of antisemitism is unfortunately once again relevant as some Americans and Europeans are rekindling … Continue reading

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