Issue 27, June 10, 1921 Highlights

The lead article for the “Liberal Jewish Newspaper” of Breslau is authored by a Reform Jewish rabbi, Martin Salomonski (from Frankfurt on the Oder, later in Berlin) on the Feast of Weeks or Shavuot. Dr. Salmonski uses the meaning of the feast and the 10 Commandments to define a path between the political and religious poles, the nationalist and Zionist positions and calls for unity among Jews of Germany, at least to present a united front to the enemies of Judaism.

In this issue we see antisemitism casting its shadow in the treatment of immigrants, the reaction to theatrical productions (Arthur Schnitzler’s “La Ronde”), the attitude of the police, and very disturbingly, over schools responsible for educating the youngest and most vulnerable. You can find information on law suits and criminal cases involving antisemitic literature, especially the virulent material put out by the German National Protection and Defiance League. The courts adjudicate the matters correctly in the eyes of the Jewish legal community, but there is a sense that it does not matter–the lies are still circulating.

And they are still circulating. To this day, in the United States as elsewhere in the world. The Anti-defamation League published its 2021 report on antisemitic incidents showing an increase of 34% year over year.

Link to the translation of Issue 27.

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